More living space for your teddies!

We apologize for the morning outages and a fifteen-minute downtime. Suddenly it turned out that Tedsby had grown up and the free space on the server was almost over (LOTS of beautitul photos of your teddy bears!:) We changed hosting plan and now Tedsby has event more space for your creations!


Parcels tracking on Tedsby

Every teddy artist knows how important is to send international parcels with tracking number. Here at Tedsby we’ve decided to make tracking more convenient and quick! Meet the parcels tracking function on Tedsby!

What is it, and how does it work?
Now after sending a parcel just visit the order information page at your Tedsby shop and add the tracking number there. Everything else Tedsby will do for you!

  • The buyer will get an automatic notification email with tracking number and a link to follow teddy’s journey

  • Both you and the buyer will be able to track your parcels at

  • Every 30 minutes we collect data from carriers to show you the most up-to-date information about the location of your parcels.

  • If you forgot to add tracking number, after a while we will send you a reminder.

Please, visit your Tedsby shop and add tracking numbers for recent orders. You can do it for each teddy separately on the order information page.


Layaways and reserves

For some of us teddy bear making is just a hobby, for some – a full-time business, but we all want the same: to find a new cozy home for our teddy. And how many collectors sigh, wishing to get your creation, but do not have the right amount at the moment? A lot!

We want your bears to find a new home quickly, so meet two new features – reserve and layaway.

The buyer receives the desired creation and the opportunity to layaway postpone a part of the payment, and you get a sale and a happy customer! Be sure to check the “New teddy defaults” settings page and Edit teddy page – for the layaway fields. As usual, we’ve made everything as simple and user-friendly as possible.
The second function is the ability to reserve a work, i.e. make it so that it was visible on the site, but only a certain person could buy it. Unlike layaway, a work can be reserved and then bought even by an unregistered buyer. This is convenient, for example, if you are asked to reserve a work through a Facebook page or if you are making a bear for someone to order, and the buyer is initially willing to pay the entire amount.

In addition, we increased the maximum size of photos you can upload (there’s enough space for all your teddies!), added a few new categories you asked for, added an icon for works that have video, and some more useful features that make Tedsby even friendlier!


Congratulations with the Teddy Bear Day

Today we are celebrating the Teddy Bear Day! Congratulations to all the bears and their creators! We wish an inspiration to all the artists and to all the bears - to find new welcoming home!

As usual, we keep you informed of Tedsby's changes and plans.

In the statistics section of the shop management, you can now find statistics for the month and a list of people who are subscribed to the updates of your shop.

Tedsby is growing, and following the growth we moved the site to a new more powerful server. Now the site works even faster and is ready to host all your photos in the best possible quality.

In the "Artists" section we replaced the filter by the first letter (for the inconvenience of which many complained) to a convenient search, which is a pleasure to use.

In addition, as usual many visible and invisible changes have been made. Many thanks to everyone who contributes their suggestions and helps to make Tedsby the ideal site for bears and their authors!

In the next weeks we plan to focus on changes that should help to increase attendance and sales.
Among them there are two functions that will surely be of use to you: the possibility of reservations and layaways.

Once again congratulations with the Teddy Bear Day to all of us
and bear hugs!


Email notifications

Stay tuned and never miss creations by your favorite artists! 
Tedsby launched daily digest and email notifications about new creations of the artists you follow. Once a day in the morning you will get an email with an overview of the teddies added over the past 24 hours by your favorite artists (if you follow somebody and there are any new works). 

In addition, for any artist you can enable an instant notification about new work, to be the first to see it and not to miss the opportunity to adopt it.
To overview the list of artists you follow and to change the notification settings for each one check your followings page (Favorites -> Artists I follow). If you want to change the mail settings or unsubscribe from the mailing lists check out the mailing preferences at your profile page.


Tedsby is two weeks old!

The first two weeks were very intense for the newborn Tedsby. Under the plan, they should have been dedicated to fixing bugs and improving the interface and that's what we were doing. A lot. Many thanks to all who sent us suggestions and bug reports.We really appreciate your help and your contribution to the development.

Ooops, Tedsby development does not follow the plan. To be precise, Tedsby grows much faster than we planned:) On the one hand, it is great, on the other - it imposes a great responsibility. We planned an increase in the number of shops around 50 per month, and by the end of the second week there are already 180! We planned to celebrate the first sale a few weeks after the start, and today there was a eleventh sale at Tedsby! Now rejoice at every sale no less than the artists do!

Now (as long as Tedsby develops), the creation of a shop is free and is possible only by  an invitation code. This allows you to solve several important tasks

  • to focus not on quantity, but on quality of works
  • to get feedback from experienced artists
  • and to avoid the situation "many artists and many works, but few buyers and little sales." Our goal is a proportional increase in the number of collectors and authors.

That is why the priority for the next week is the promotion of Tedsby among collectors.

Also to keep you posted, once a week or two we will write about new cool features on Tedsby.


Well, finally!

Hooray, Tуdsby is online, it lives and moves fast enough. It is very, very exciting to present the result of the work of recent months. Much has been done, but we certainly did not implement a third of what we plan to do and there may be some bugs here and there. But that’s great! In the nearest future Tedsby will improve every week, let's create Tedsby together! If something does not work as expected - send us a message. And if for a long time you have an idea of ​​what should be done on teddy bears website - do not forget it.
Soon there will be a section specially for such ideas!